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Our Vision

Creating a Shared Interest in Community

The first phase of our work is focused on identifying community needs in the three priority areas of economic development, health, and housing. We elevated a sense of hope and energy around our communities' ability to advocate for themselves and others.


Community members came together across three events to weigh in on development.


Residents convened to serve on Community Advisory Council.


Community members received leadership training at inaugural KCDC Leadership Institute.


Meetings attended by 7 partner agencies towards community-led development planning.

The second phase of our project is centered on building the capacity of residents to advocate for changes they wish to see. Therefore, the second iteration of our work will put into operation the community leadership, advocacy and systemic and policy changes the community seeks to co-lead and implement.

We intend to deepen our advocacy work in health, housing, economic opportunity, and community connections by: improving health care services through partnerships with local collaborative groups working in health-care access; creating opportunities for community members to influence new housing policies; easing barriers to small business loans and permits; and fostering civic engagement through the development of a more action-oriented Policy Council.

  • Improving healthcare services through partnerships with local groups working in health-care access.

  • Conducting outreach and inviting stakeholders and residents to participate in reform work. 

  • ​Engaging with key partners building an online healthcare platform to discover areas of support.

  • Creating opportunities for community members to influence new housing policies.

  • Tracking housing legislation happening within Washington state, King County, and other municipalities. 

  • Host a community teach-in on legislation that could positively impact housing in Kent. 

  • Facilitate opportunities for residents to educate local and state officials on the challenges they are facing and the kind of policy they need. 

  • Collaborate with a legal assistance organization to hold a know-your-rights training in the era of COVID-19 for Kent tenants. 

  • Easing barriers to small business loans and permits.

  • Connecting residents to educational and professional development training centers that are responsive to our target communities needs such as small business, financial development, and credit counseling workshops, through a minimum of 2 outreach events, which may take place on-line.

  • Facilitating opportunities for target community members to network with key stakeholders such as members of the Chamber of Commerce, Kent Downtown Partnership, City of Kent Committees, Rotary and Kiwanis representatives at a minimum of  2 engagement events, which may take place on-line.

  • Outreaching to a minimum of 2 small business training providers to discuss opportunities to support low income and residents of colors’ ability to successfully attain loans and permits.

  • Fostering civic engagement through the development of a more action-oriented Policy Council.

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